How to Take a Homemade Vinegar Pregnancy Test


You think you are pregnant, but payday is in two days. You are so anxious to find out if you are expecting a little bundle of joy.

Pregnancy tests can be expensive! Reliable choices and run $8 a box or more. Sure, you can purchase the cheap tests that are one dollar, but can you trust the results? It is hard to say!

Or, maybe you want to try an old wives tale before taking a pregnancy test. One of those successful tests is the vinegar pregnancy test.

What Type of Vinegar to Use


There are two kinds of vinegar in the store – white and apple cider. You should use white vinegar for the test. It is clear, and you will be able to notice a color change. Apple cider is a tan color; there is no way you could tell a minor color change.

Luckily, white vinegar is cheap and found at any grocery store. It typically costs less than $2 for a gallon; a small bottle may cost less than $1. White vinegar is very budget friendly.

How to Take a Vinegar Pregnancy Test


Most households have white vinegar available. It is a versatile ingredient that can be used as a cleaning agent, a flavor, and, apparently, a homemade pregnancy test.

Many generations swear by the use of vinegar to indicate pregnancy. Women say it is just as reliable as an over-the-counter test. It is a cheap method, and almost everyone has the ingredient available to use whenever you want to check.

What You Need:

  • 1 cup of white distilled vinegar
  • ½ to 1 cup of morning urine sample
  • Sterile container

  1. Creating the vinegar pregnancy test is straightforward and easy. You need to place vinegar into a clean and sterile container.
  2. Then, add your urine to it.
  3. Next, you have to stir the combination to see if it changes color.
  4. Wait three to five minutes to check for color. If the mixture changes color, there is a good chance you are pregnant! If you notice no color change, you most likely are not expecting a baby.

You will see some changing to the vinegar when urine is added. Most of the time, it will froth or foam before settling. Frothing or foaming doesn’t indicate that you are pregnant.

The only thing that shows a pregnancy is a color change.

Does it Work?

If you are like me, you are very skeptical of homemade pregnancy tests. It is so simple; there is no way it could work. Right?


Many homemade pregnancy test enthusiasts swear that the vinegar test is a very reliable natural method. Vinegar reacts to the pregnancy hormone found in urine – HCG. This hormone is what store bought tests test.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a hormone that your body produces when the placenta and sac that surrounds the fertilized egg implants into your uterus walls.

Many women swear that the results they get with the vinegar test are the same as the over the counter tests. There are quite a few women who testify to that the vinegar method is trusted.

  • It is important to remember that any test you take, homemade or store bought, has room for error. There are dozens of homemade tests that people swear work.

If you need a definite answer, you may want to opt for an over the counter test. However, if you just want to give a homemade test a try, the vinegar test is one of the more trusted choices.

Just like anything else, you have to perform the test correctly to get the correct answers. There are ways to take the vinegar pregnancy test and get the wrong results.

Remember, the urine and vinegar has to be totally mixed. You should mix it for a few seconds and then wait to see if it changes color.

Things that Could Affect the Results

There are a few things that could compromise your vinegar test’s results. It is best to know these ahead of time so you can better judge the results. 

  • First, if you are on any medications, they could change the results of the test. This reason is the primary one why it might fail. Medication for any thyroid condition can mask the presence of the HCG in your urine.

Antibiotics, of all types, can affect the results of your vinegar test. Antibiotics make it hard for the vinegar to give a final color change because some antibiotics alter the color of your urine.

You may notice a color change and think you are pregnant, but it only changed colors because of the antibiotics. It is best to wait until your antibiotic course has finished before taking the vinegar pregnancy test, or you could try a different homemade test.

  • Another factor that can change the results of your test is an unsterilized container. If the container you use for the vinegar and urine isn’t sterilized and cleaned, there may be other chemicals there that could change the results.

Different containments could interact with your urine and cause the vinegar not to detect the HCG. Or, they could create a false color change. You may think you are pregnant, and you aren’t!

To prevent this from happening, never use a container that you used for food or drinks. Leftover residue from drinks or food can lead to an inaccurate color change.

If you use a store bought test, you should always use urine from early in the day. It is more concentrated. You should do the same thing for the vinegar test!

Urine from later in the day will have higher levels of caffeine, medications, and water. All of these things may affect the results of the test.

Disadvantages of the Vinegar Test

Some women do note there are a few negatives to this test. While the suggested amount of vinegar to use is 1 cup, no exact amount of vinegar and urine is always used.

We aren’t sure if those who get positive results use a certain amount of each. You may question if you took the test correctly. Trial and error are typically recommended for this test.

Sometimes, the vinegar changes color but very lightly. It could be easy to miss the color change, especially after you stirred the mixture. Also, it can take quite a long time to change color.

We are used to pregnancy tests that can show results in a matter of seconds. The vinegar pregnancy test doesn’t work that way!


Discovering that you are pregnant is one of the most exciting times in your life! It is a life changing moment.

If you don’t want to run to the store for a test, there are some fun homemade pregnancy tests to try. While the effectiveness of these tests isn't sufficiently known, they are sure fun to try.

Many women, maybe even some of your friends, swear that the vinegar pregnancy test gave the same results as their over the counter test or blood tests.

To take the vinegar pregnancy test, all you need is a sterile cup to place vinegar. Then, mix it with your urine. Wait for a color change. It is almost as easy as one of the tests in the stores!


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