Help! What is the Complete Truth about Pregnancy Flip Flops?


During pregnancy, your entire body changes, including your feet. Your belly grows, your hips widen, your breasts can grow two sizes, and your feet also undergo changes.

At the end of pregnancy, it is common to experience swollen feet and toes. However, some women also experience an overall growth of their feet, resulting in the permanent change in size. Many women prefer pregnancy flip flops to survive all of the changes their feet experience.

Pregnancy can cause a lot of aches and pains as well. Most of these pains center on your back, feet, hips, and legs. Standing and walking can be uncomfortable. If you have a job that requires walking or standing for long periods, you will need a pair of great shoes to help eliminate some of these pains.

What to Look for in Pregnancy Shoes

Selecting shoes for your pregnancy, and beyond, is simple but there are a few qualities to consider. You do want to make sure it will be suitable to use throughout these next few months.

#1. Easy to Put On

Once your baby belly grows, putting on shoes can become an exhausting task. It is amazing how much your belly will get in the way. Tying your shoes is an Olympic event and often leaves you feeling tired and out of breath. Usually, at this point, you are counting down the weeks and days!

Since anything below your belly disappears at some point, it is a good idea to select shoes that don’t require any tying and are easy to put on. Slip on sneakers, boots, ballet flats and pregnancy flip flops are all great choices.

#2. Room to Grow

As I mentioned before, your feet tend to grow and expand during pregnancy, especially in the last room. If you are buying shoes for that last month, you should account for additional growth. Your feet and ankles will need the space as they swell. Trust me; swelling will happen. If you don’t purchase shoes with wiggle room, the shoes will feel as if they are suffocating the life out of your feet.

Swelling is one reason many women prefer pregnancy flip flops. They are very forgiving. Sizing up a half of a size or a full size will ensure your shoes fit at every stage of gestation. Trust me, the last thing you want to happen is discovering one morning that none of your shoes can suddenly accommodate your feet. That is a reason to break down and cry.

#3. Supportive

During my last pregnancy, I couldn’t figure out why my back was hurting so badly at work until I realized my cheap sneakers were the culprit. They offered no support, and my back was in severe pain.

Any shoes you wear during your pregnancy need to have support. Otherwise, it will feel as if your ankles are going to explode or break. There is now more weight for your legs to support. The joints are under more stress than before. Shoes that offer ankle and arch support are excellent choices.

Are Pregnancy Flip Flops Safe for Mom?

Turning to flip flops during pregnancy is a common practice. They are roomy, comfortable, easy to put on, but not all of them are supportive. Just like heels and particular boots, flip flops are often considered a bad choice. They give little, if any, joint supports. There are some ways to wear pregnancy flip flops in a safe way; I understand the desire to wear them, especially in the summer months.

• Pain

If you notice pain in your legs, feet, back, you should switch shoes immediately. Your body is telling you they aren’t a good choice for that day. I often stored an extra pair of shoes in my car just for this reason.

• Thickness

Cheap flip flops are typically thin and offer little cushion under your feet. If you want to wear flip flops, find a thicker pair that provides more support. They will cost more than the $3 to $5 that the cheap pairs cost, but they are better for your body.

• Balance

During pregnancy, your center of balance changes, which is why some women walk around with their hand on their bellies. It helps to stabilize their balance. Flip flops don’t provide stability; many people trip while wearing them. If you opt to wear them, make sure to be careful and alert. Tripping can hurt you and your baby!


Many mothers opt to wear pregnancy flip flops. They give plenty of room when your feet begin to swell, and many find them comfortable. There is no need to lean over and struggle to put on the shoes.

However, if you opt to wear flip flops, it is important to remember to select a thicker, more supportive pair than the cheap ones. Your back and hips will be thankful you picked a good pair of pregnancy flip flops.

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