Help! What is the Difference between Enfamil Newborn and Infant?

The formula aisle can be a confusing place to shop. There are multiple brands and types! It seems as if each brand has multiple types, making the choice even harder.

If you use Enfamil, you may notice formula labeled “Newborn” and Infant. Naturally, you will wonder what the difference between Enfamil Newborn and Infant are, and why you should use them.

If you plan to use Enfamil, you want to make sure you are giving your child the proper nutrition they need to grow. Only the best, most nutritious milk should be provided. 

During the first year of life, your baby’s entire body, including their brain, undergoes rapid changes. Some of their growth depends on the nutrition level of the milk they consume.

Enfamil Newborn Formula

When a child is born, their mother’s body produces colostrum, a special milk made just for infants. It is packed full of nutrients and vitamins. If a parent opts not to breastfeed, Enfamil creates a Newborn Formula.

It was designed to mimic the composition of mother’s breastmilk in the first week of life. If you can imagine, Enfamil Newborn is the first stage of a child’s nutrition, fulfilling their immediate needs during the first few months of life.

  • Enfamil Newborn isn’t intended to use for the rest of your child’s life. Parents should use for their babies who are three months old or younger.

It has higher levels of Vitamin D – 75 IU for every 100 calories. There are 2.1 grams of protein for every 100 calories. The proteins in this version are supposed to be easier to digest, especially if you are switching your baby from breastmilk to formula.

The increased level of Vitamin D helps to support your baby as his body grows. The increased levels aren’t drastic, but it is a good idea to give your new baby the Newborn line. It is focused on supporting your child through the early milestones of their lives, such as focusing and holding up their head.

Enfamil Infant Formula

Their infant formula was designed for babies from birth up to one year old. It has all of the nutrients needed to help nourish your child’s growing body and brain.

The formula includes iron, choline, and DHA, which is crucial for the brain development. Infant formula also has dual probiotics to support your child’s immune system as it grows, just like mother’s breastmilk.

Most formula is designed to closely mimic breastmilk. Enfamil Infant is a close comparison. Breastfeeding mothers often pick this brand of formula if they need to supplement. It has some great ingredients that reassure parents.

For example, there are 60 IU of Vitamin D for every 100 calories your baby consumes. There are two grams of protein per 100 calories.

Parents can opt to use Enfamil Infant for a child’s entire first year. It is important to remember that the Infant formula is tailored towards helping an infant three months old or older grow and develop. As your child hits these older milestones, Enfamil Infant helps their body and brain process these changes.

What is the Difference between Enfamil Newborn and Infant?

There are a few differences in the nutrients provided. The Vitamin D levels are different in each formula. Enfamil Infant has less Vitamin D than Enfamil Newborn. If your baby drinks less than one liter of Enfamil Infant each day, you should have your child take a Vitamin D supplement.

As you can tell by the name, Newborn Formula isn’t intended for children to drink up to one year old. It is best for children three months and younger. Most of the other ingredients and nutrients are very similar. Both Enfamil Newborn and Enfamil Infant are part of their new line of formula called Enfamil Staged Nutrition, designed to mimic the change of nutrients in breastmilk.

Another difference to know is the available sizes. Both Newborn and Infant are available in a powdered form in either 22.2 oz reusable tubs or a 33.2 oz refill box. They both come in 12.5-ounce cans. There is ready to use liquid form for both types as well.

You can purchase Enfamil Infant in powder packs for a single serving. These kits are super easy for traveling. Just stick them in the diaper bag and off you go. Enfamil Infant is available in a 13 fluid ounce can of concentrate liquid.

Switching from Newborn to Infant Formula

Within a few months, your child will be ready to transition to the Infant version of Enfamil. Some parents opt to change their baby when they turn three months old. Other wait through the third month and switch before they turn four months old. There is no perfect way to switch formulas; just remember, it is intended for babies three months old and younger.

If you decide to “cold turkey” and switch immediately to the Infant Enfamil, your child may have constipation and gas issues. Babies have enough pooping problems in their first few months of life because some babies have a sensitive stomach.

To avoid any potential problems, it would be best to switch your baby from Newborn to Infant formula gradually. Typically, this process requires you to mix the two formulas together. First, you give a bottle with more Newborn formula than Infant. Over the next few days or weeks, gradually increase the amount of Infant formula.


Many parents don’t use Enfamil Newborn at all because the differences are so minimal. Even though it is designed to mimic a mothers’ breastmilk for the first few months of life, you don’t have to worry that you are harming your child if you give them Enfamil Infant formula first. If your doctor suggests you use the Newborn formula, your baby is getting plenty of nutrients as well.

The difference between Enfamil Newborn and Infant versions aren’t huge. The Newborn brand has higher levels of Vitamin D and protein, and it is gentler on their stomach. The nutrients are designed to support a new child through the first three months of their lives.

Have you used both versions? We would love to know what you think about the differences.


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