6 Incredible Options for the Best Shoes for Pregnancy


Pregnancy changes every part of your body, including your feet. It is hard to believe that the growing baby in your uterus can lead the need for a larger shoe size. When you are selecting the best shoes for pregnancy, you have to consider more than swelling to find the best pair. Standing and walking can be painful if you choose the wrong type of shoe.

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Sketchers Women’s Go Walk
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Soft Maternity Shoes – Ballet Flats
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Dansko Work Shoes
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Orthaheel Tide Slide in Orthopedic Sandals
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Skechers Sports Women’s Gratis Big Idea Sneaker
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Qualities to Consider When Buying the Best Shoes for Pregnancy

When you head to the shoe store, there are some things to should keep in mind. Did you know your feet can grow a full size in pregnancy? It doesn’t happen to every mother, but some do experience overall foot growth. Unfortunately, they don’t always go back to their original size so that you may be permanently stuck with a larger foot size! Your arches of your feet can undergo some significant, permanent changes as well.

You can’t enter the store and ask for pregnancy shoes. The clerk will look at you as if you are insane. Instead, aim to find shoes that fit the right criteria for the best shoes for pregnancy.

  • Support

If you stand or walk a lot, you need to make sure your shoes offer a lot of support. Wearing the wrong shoe can increase your back, hip, ankle and leg pain, which is already increased because of pregnancy. As the baby grows, your hips widen, leading to joint pains. The wrong shoes place unnecessary stress on your back.

Mothers typically gain between 20 to 40 pounds in pregnancy. The weight is held up by your ankles. You should look for shoes that give you the appropriate amount of ankle support as well.
  • Easy to Put On

By the end of pregnancy, you feel like a whale. The baby belly gets in the way during the daily task, including when you put on your shoes. Tying shoelaces becomes a sporting event, leaving you tired, out of breath, and ready to throw in the towel. There is no need to go through this every single day!

  • Growing Room

As I mentioned above, some women experience overall growth during pregnancy. Their feet can become an entire size, leaving all of your shoes useless. Even if you luck out and experience no growth, chances are you will have some feet swelling during pregnancy. Most women, in the last weeks of pregnancy, have some sort of swelling.

If your shoes offer no additional space to grow, your feet are going to be stuffed like sausages; they will feel as if they are suffocating!

Avoiding High Heels

In movies, the beautiful mother may prance around in high heels, but it isn’t the recommended choice for the best shoes for pregnancy. Swelling is highly likely during pregnancy, making high heels harder to wear. However, the primary reason to skip the high heels is the risk of tripping.

During pregnancy, your ligaments loosen to allow for growth and movement during pregnancy. They are looser than ever before. Also, your center of gravity has changed, and many pregnant women experience moments of dizziness. Tripping could cause physical damage to your body and, potentially, to your baby.

Also, wearing high heels can put extra stress on your hips and pelvic bones. They change your posture and put unneeded pressure on your ankles and knees. The last thing you want is more pain.

If you cannot avoid wearing heels, it is best to opt for a smaller heel rather than stilettos. Lower and wider heel will help support your body and decrease the risk of tripping.

 ProductOur RatingPrice
Sketchers Women’s Go Walk
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Soft Maternity Shoes – Ballet Flats
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Dansko Work Shoes
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Orthaheel Tide Slide in Orthopedic Sandals
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Skechers Sports Women’s Gratis Big Idea Sneaker
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Selections for the Best Shoes for Pregnant Women

#1. Sketchers Women’s Go Walk

Here is an option that fits nearly every quality a pregnant woman could hope to find in a shoe.

  • First, they are a slip on pair of sneakers! Yes, that means you don’t have to worry about bending over to lace up.
  • They are incredibly lightweight.
  • ​If you have to walk around a lot, you will quickly notice that the Women’s Go Walk offers a lot of support. These are a comfortable pair of shoes! If your ankles were angry before, they are going to love these new shoes!
  • ​They don’t lack in style either. You can select a variety of colors.
  • They are sleek and will match nearly any casual outfit.
  • For winter, these are going not to provide much warmth.
  • The breathable material won’t work great for rain or wet weather.

I suggest every pregnant woman give the Sketchers Go Walk a try! They fit almost every needed criterion and will be comfortable for trips to the store or walk around the neighborhood.

#2. Soft Maternity Shoes – Ballet Flats

These ballet flat shoes are designed specifically with pregnant women in mind. They can expand and contract up to one shoe size to help accommodate swelling feet. Flats are an excellent choice for mothers to be, so long as they have support, which these soft maternity shoes provide.

  • Attractive style – they are a neutral, camel color that will match any outfit.
  • They fit snugly but expand as your feet swell.
  • The rubberized floor grip ensures you will not slip; they have excellent grip nodes.
  • The inside soles are infused with Aloe Vera to help with sweating and swelling.
  • A soft insole helps to relieve pressure on your feet.
  • ​Aloe Vera also moisturizes your feet and will disinfect the inside.
  • If you have sensitive feet, these are great and comfortable.
  • You have to buy them online, so you won’t get to try them on beforehand.

Finding a pair of shoes that is designed just for pregnant women is great. They are worth a try, especially if you love ballet flats. They are stylish and could easily work for both professional and shopping trips.

#3. Dansko Work Shoes

Do you spend hours on your feet each day at work? Hospital staff, teachers, servers, and more all spend hours on their feet with little time to take a break. It can wear on your body and legs without the decent pair of shoes. Dansko has some of the most comfortable shoes for pregnancy, and they are ideal for work situations.

  • Dansko added incredible arch support for those who have to stand and walk all day.
  • The padded, instep collar keeps your feet comfortable when walking.
  • ​You want to have breathability for your shoes. The breathable PU foam footbed gives temperature control. No more sweaty feet!
  • The rocker bottom sole is a unique design. It helps to reduce fatigue and absorbs shocks just like athletic footwear!
  • They are crafted from premium leather and are durable. Without a doubt, these will last for multiple pregnancies.
  • The extremely high arch takes a few days to get accustomed.
  • ​Unless you find them in stores, figuring out the right size online is difficult.
  • They are an expensive shoe.

If you spend hours on your feet, purchasing a reliable pair of work shoes isn’t optional – it is necessary. Spend the extra money and invest in a fabulous pair of pregnancy work shoes. Your feet, ankles, back and hips will thank you at the end of your shift.

#4. Orthaheel Tide Slide in Orthopedic Sandals

I’m sure a lot of you are just like me, and you love a good pair of sandals. All summer long, I live in flip flops. They aren’t the best choice for pregnancy; they offer no support at all. Instead, you want to find a great pair of sandals that fit all the needed criteria. You need pregnancy sandals in the summer!

  • There is no easier shoe to wear! You can walk right into them without having to bend over or pick them up.
  • Unlike other sandals or flip flops, the Orthaheel Tide offers support for the arch of your foot. That will help to reduce any ankle and leg pain you may experience.
  • Extra traction was placed on the bottom of the sandal, so they are appropriate for most scenarios.
  • ​They are lightweight with a flexible, EVA midsole.
  • The Orthaheel Technology helps to realign and support your feet.
  • You may have to size up to find the right fit for your feet.
  • Sometimes, the colors will rub off on your feet if worn for extended periods of time.
  • The high arch takes some time to adjust.

For flip-flop moms, there is no better choice for the best pregnancy shoes than the Orthaheel Tide Sandals. You get to wear a shoe very similar in design with more support than you could ever get in a cheap pair!

#5. TOMS

I love a good pair of TOMS, whether I am pregnant or not! Their mission is incredible; what is better than supporting a great business? They make not look comfortable, but looks can be deceiving. TOMS run true to size, so, for pregnancy, it may be wise to size up. They do stretch nicely over time.

  • TOMS have a molded foot bed for increased comfort.
  • There is a rubber outer sole for an anti-slip grip; no pregnant woman needs to fall!
  • ​They offer a removable sock liner to avoid the growth of bacteria.
  • ​For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS donate a one to a child in need. It is called One for One; it is not hard to buy shoes from them with such an incredible mission.
  • They are a slip on shoe that requires no tying!
  • They do lack in arch support, so they are better off for times when you won’t be on your feet for hours.

#6. Skechers Sports Women’s Gratis Big Idea Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women's Gratis Big Idea Sneaker
Via Amazon

You need a good pair of athletic shoes. Pregnant women are encouraged to exercise as often as possible. You want to stay active and healthy throughout your pregnancy, so you need a good pair of shoes while exercising. Skechers offer everything pregnant women could look for in a pair of the best shoes for pregnancy.

  • They come with a cushioned insole for extra support and comfort.
  • The light midsole is designed for shock absorption.
  • ​The rubber outsole is perfect for any terrain. Take a walk in the woods or jog down the sidewalk!
  • ​Skechers added a meshed fabric for ventilation that helps moisture dry and prevents your feet from overheating.
  • Instead of shoelaces, a Bungee stretch elastic panel allows you to slip your feet right in. There is no need to tie shoelaces!
  • The soles are permanent, so you can’t remove and add your own.
  • Some may want to have more support than what Skechers offers.

Since you will need a good pair of athletic shoes while pregnant, Skechers makes several great shoes. These are a solid choice. Make sure to check out their collection of shoes; there are some awesome pairs of shoes available!

Tips for Making the Selection Easier

  • Arch support is necessary if you plan to use the shoes for walking extended periods of time.
  • Opt for footwear that offers breathability. Trapping moisture, like sweat, can grow bacteria and make your shoes stink.
  • Slip on is the best choice during pregnancy or shoes that involve the least amount of bending to wear.
  • Flats that have a wider base will accommodate swelling better.

Selecting the best shoes for pregnancy is easy and fun! Every woman loves the opportunity to shop for some new shoes! This list has six fabulous pairs of pregnancy shoes. One of my favorite selections is the Dansko work shoes. I am a server, and they are a life saver for those long work shifts. Even though the arches are a bit awkward at first, your feet will be singing praises within a few days. 12-hour shifts are a breeze, at least until the last month of pregnancy!

Since I am a flip flop lover, the Orthaheel Tide Sandals are amazing. Most sandals don’t offer arch support; you could wear them to the beach or head out for hours of shopping without any aches and pains.

We hope this list has been helpful. We will love to know if you have a pair of shoes you consider to be the best shoes for pregnancy. Let us know in the comments!


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