Over The Counter Prenatal Vitamins – [2017 Top Picks & Reviews]

Best Over The Counter Prenatal Vitamins

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Hi! I’m Serena. The first time that I knew the term “being mommy” was fantastic and unforgettable. It brought me a lot of changes in my body, my habit, my feeling and my whole life. I started Kittymoms in order to share my knowledge and experience to those who are first-time mommies and who have a long time to be back to mom's work, all who need to search advice during the time taking care of their babies.
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    So much great information, I will definitely keep this in mind for myself.

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    This is a great list! I took gummy vitamins with my first pregnancy, but had a hard time eating anything, including gummy vitamins, during the first half of my second pregnancy.

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    Where were you when I was pregnant for the first time…this post is so full of information!! I pinned it to one of my family boards for future reference, and because I have several followers this would help. Thanks for all of your prenatal vitamin research, excellent information!!

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    So informative, tons of valuable information in this post! As a new mom, thank you for this article. Now that I had a chance to discover your blog I will definitely be a frequent visitor!

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    So impressed! You have so much great info packed into this post. I’m not a mom but if I was I would bookmark this!

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