Best Breast Milk Storage Bags 2017- Buyer’s Guide

best breast milk storage bags

You’ve probably heard the expression don’t cry over spilled milk. Whoever said that has never met a working mom who pumps breast milk at the office to keep her baby fed when she cannot be home.

Breast milk storage bags

You work so hard for every ounce of nutrition for your baby that any tears shed over the loss of a single drop is justified. You need a breast milk storage solution that delivers on its promise to preserve and protect your baby’s milk!

With so many options for breastfeeding moms out there, you are probably wondering what are the best breast milk storage bags on the market.

But who has time for that kind of research? Look no further!

​Here it is: My Review of the 7 Breast Milk Storage Bags and Buyers Guide

​But first:

What do you get from buying the best breast milk storage bag that you won’t get with just any choice?

A breast milk storage bag should not be something you should think about often. You want to be confident that every time you open a bag, fill it, seal it, and store it in your freezer, your milk will be secure and well-preserved.

When you buy a product from the guide I’m going to share with you, you’ll know the good, the bad, and the ugly side of every choice.

​Buying smart also means you don’t have to waste your money trying every product on the shelf to find the best solution for your needs. You’ve carefully thought through all of you mother parenting decisions. Don’t leave something as important as breast milk storage to chance!

Serena Morris

When you shop with confidence that your breast milk storage bags are top rated and come highly recommended, you’ll know that your baby is getting milk that has been safely stored and conveniently packaged.

Whether you send your baby to daycare during the day, employ a skilled nanny, or just occasionally ask a babysitter or family member to watch your baby, you can rest assured that feeding time can be easy and clean! No spilled milk on your counter tops!

​So is there really a “best breast milk storage bag” or are they all the same?

That’s a great question. Before I share my individual product reviews, check out the comparison table I’ve prepared to show you, at a glance, what makes each product different. The differences matter!

Best Breast Milk Storage Bags 2017

Product Name

BPA Free


Store Flat Easily

Our Rating

Nuk Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags


6 Oz


Lanisoh Breast Milk Storage Bags


8 Oz


Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags


5 Oz


Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags


6 Oz


Mommy’s Precious Breast Milk Bags


8 Oz


Dr.DUDU Breast Milk Storage Bags


6 Oz


Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Bags


6 Oz


1. NUK Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags, 50 Count - Stand Up Features

NUK Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags, 50 count

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NUK is a household name in baby products, and I know for a fact that I have several items around my home with the NUK branding on them.

  • But it’s important to remember that finding the best breast milk storage bags is not about brand name but quality and affordability.

The Nuk Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags are a top-quality product from a top-ranked brand. The double-sealed pouches have a stand-up feature which makes it easier to fill and store upright in your refrigerator.

Although these bags are a thicker plastic which protects against tears and harsh conditions of your freezer, they are still flexible for easy, lay-flat storage in the fridge.

  • One unfortunate side effect of the double-seal on these bags is that it can be difficult to ensure you’ve properly sealed the contents. When sealed, the protection against leaks is perfect, but if the seal is even slightly askew, leaks are bound to occur.

Another common issue with this bag is that the plastic is difficult to write on which can be a problem with labeling your breast milk. Some users have even complained that the plastic creates a chemical aftertaste or smell in the milk after storage.

I used these bags for a little while and did not notice any unusual smell, but then again, I didn’t taste my breast milk to determine if there was an after taste. Who does that?

Serena Morris
  • Consistent quality
  • Durable plastic
  • Seal is secure
  • Difficult to ensure seal is done properly
  • Difficult to label
  • Some note a chemical aftertaste or smell

2. Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags, BPA Free and BPS Free (Packaging May Vary) – Best Advanced and Budget Friendly Breast Milk Storage Bags

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

View On Amazon

​When I hear “Lanisoh,” I think about the nipple cream. I know, they do so much more than that, but when I first started breastfeeding, the Lanisoh cream saved my life…and my sanity. It’s easy to think that Lanisoh would also make a great breast milk storage bag.

But let’s talk about the good and the bad.

The Lanisoh Breast Milk Storage Bags are everything that the standard breast milk storage solutions promise to be: leak proof, convenient, and strong.

They also boast about a patented Double Click ’n’ Secure seal which provides some additional confidence when zipping up your milk. I can vouch for the easy sealing mechanism on these bags. I never had an issue with the seal on these bags.

What might make the Lanisoh bags the best breast milk storage bags is that they hold 8 ounces of breast milk versus the standard 6 ounces for the other bags? It may not seem like a lot, but those extra ounces mean greater storage opportunity and easier planning for those days your baby eats a little more.

These bags boast about a convenient pour spout, but from my experience, the spout does not exactly work the way it’s intended to. The plastic is not thick enough, and the flimsy structure means the pour is messy. A messy pour means spilled milk.


You can solve this issue by just thawing in the refrigerator. The plastic stays cold which helps the bag hold it’s open shape for pouring.

Serena Morris
  • Consistent quality
  • Double Click ‘n’ Seal is reliable
  • Holds up to 8 ounces securely
  • Storage maximizer
  • Easy to seal
  • Difficult with pouring

3. Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags– The Most Common Off-the-Shelf Storage Bag, Available at Most Retailers

Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags

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​Medela is a big name in breastfeeding but even bigger in breast milk expression or pumping. So when I bought my first breast pump, I got a Medela, and I bought the bags to match. I found a lot of confidence in buying things that were meant to be together.

Serena Morris

The Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags are perfect for use with the Medela pump. You can pump directly into the bag which makes pumping that much easier. Pumping directly into the bag prevents spills from the transfer of milk. Unfortunately, it can be a little difficult to get the connection right. I struggled a lot with this and eventually switched bags.

Also, unlike the Lanisoh breast milk storage bags, the Medela bags only hold 5 ounces which are an ounce less than the standard bag. The worst part of about the size of these bags is that you end up either having extra milk or an ounce or two less than you need thawing in the fridge. Maybe I was just bad at doing the math, but when you are delirious from lack of sleep, math should not be a requirement.

The bag is a unique shape and uses a lot of thick plastic to achieve the same stand-up feature of other bags. The extra plastic is the reason for the lost ounce of storage, and it makes storing the bags flat in the freezer a little less convenient.

  • Consistent quality
  • Easy to seal
  • Difficult to connect to Medela pumps
  • Holds only 5 ounces
  • Difficult to store flat in the freezer

4. Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags – Best Breast Milk Bag for Labeling

Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags

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​The Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags fulfill many of the standard expectations for storage bags. They stand up well on their own, they seal securely, and they hold 6 ounces of breast milk. But that is where the similarities end.

These bags have a unique opening that makes labeling easier. If you haven’t started pumping yet, labeling may not sound like a big deal, but it can be. If you like to record a lot of information, a large space to do so could be important.

I have heard some people say the tear off the top is difficult to, well, tear off which can result in big spills.

Serena Morris

Another issue with these bags is that the flat lay feature is not that great. Again, the benefit of storage bags is that you can store dozens of bags in your freezer easily. Having a bag that does not lay flat means you could be storing less and less in your freezer than you hoped.

  • Meets standard requirements for sealing
  • Larger labeling area
  • Difficult to tear open
  • Lacks a great lay-flat feature

5. Breastfeeding Freezer Storage Container Bags for Breast Milk comes Pre Sterilized & BPA Free with Accurate Measurements & Leak Proof - Mommy’s Precious

Breastfeeding Freezer Storage Container Bags

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Although Mommy’s Precious may not be as widely known, this product gets great reviews. It could be because of the great value, but there are also several features that make this product a stand out in my guide to finding the best breast milk storage bags.

Let’s find out why!

First of all, like the Lanisoh breast milk storage bags, these bags hold up to 8 ounces of the liquid gold.

This product also boasts accurate measurements. It may come as a surprise to you (it did for me), but the measurement on storage bags can be difficult to get right.

Serena Morris

The standup feature works well, and the seal is leak proof. Perhaps a natural consequence of having a great seal is that it can be difficult to open. Hard to open can mean spilling. The trick to these bags is patience – or a pair of scissors!

The same great seal that can make these bags difficult to open makes the bag difficult to pour out. These bags simply aren’t as flexible as some others which mean you are pouring out of an acute angular bag rather than a smooth spout.

  • High rate on Amazon
  • Larger labeling area
  • Holds up to 8 ounces of breast milk
  • Accurate measurements on the bag
  • Hard to open
  • May not be available everywhere
  • Not as flexible as other products

6. Dr.DUDU Breast Milk Storage Bags, 6 oz, BPA-Free, 120 Count – The Off-the-Beaten-Path Storage Bag

Dr.DUDU Breast Milk Storage Bags

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Dr. DUDU Breast Milk Storage bags were not something I was familiar with when I first started breastfeeding, but then I thought it was worth a shot!

Sometimes you just try something different because your go-to brand cannot be found anywhere in the store and you end up discovering a gem.

Are these bags a gem?

Here’s what I found.

Dr. DUDU Breast Milk Storage Bags measure up in terms of standard requirements: easy-tear open, stand-up feature, and leak proof seal. These bags are also an incredible value, and when you are going through these disposable bags every single day, the value is important!

Although these bags hold up to 6 ounces, several friends of mine who have used these bags say they only freeze flat when not filled all the way.

Serena Morris

You may want to adjust down to 4 or 5 ounces to get a complete, lay-flat feature. Other storage bags do a better job when it comes to freezer storage.

These bags are known for some inconsistencies in quality. While the maker promises a sturdy, thick plastic, several times, I’ve to open a shipment to find some bags torn.

Other times, the bags have torn in the freezer which may be due to the rough treatment they get in my freezer. Either way, a torn breast milk storage bag is something to cry over.

  • Easy tear open
  • Can be very cost effective
  • Not great for freezer storage
  • Plastic is not as durable in the freezer

7. Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch (6 oz - Pack of 80) – The Best Breast Milk Storage Bag for the Convenience-Seeking Mom

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch

View On Amazon

The Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch is a unique and surprisingly brilliant approach to breast milk storage. Just like the products marketing says, these pouches allow you to collect, store and feed on the same pouch. Like I said, brilliant!

Could the best breast milk storage bag be a pouch? Perhaps!

The threaded cab prevents leaks that a zippered pouch simply cannot. With this cap comes all of the security of a screw-top bottle. The reason for this top is so that the pump and feeding apparatus fit securely on as well. This one solution means the risk of spilled milk during the transfer from pump to storage to the bottle is almost eliminated.

So what is the downside of this single solution?

The twist cap although a great measure of security and efficiency makes it difficult to maximize freezer storage. The pouch itself does lay flat, but the cap is bulky. Also, unfortunately, the measurements are a little off. For example, the bag clearly says it can hold up to 6 ounces, but 5 ounces is the most I would put in the bag.

This product is a great solution for a convenience-loving mama, but it may not be a winner for everyone.

I will also say that you pay for what you want. This product is not the most cost-efficient of the products in my review.

Serena Morris
  • Twist top cap is durable and convenient
  • Single solution for collection, storage, and feeding
  • Convenient
  • Twist cap makes it difficult to store large quantities in a normal freezer
  • Stores roughly 5 ounces effectively
  • Not as cost effective as other brands

Buyer's Guide

​Obviously, you’ve chosen to breastfeed for you family for any number of reasons. Perhaps you like the natural benefits of breast milk or the convenience of feeding anytime, anywhere. Whatever your reason, you are committed to doing it right.

Whether you are returning to work and want to pump for your baby; you have a free supply and want to build up a reserve for just in case, or you are considering becoming a breast milk donor, you are faced with the challenge of storage.

Bulky bottles are great for a few 1-2 days worth of storage in your refrigerator but if you want to have weeks of breast milk stored, you’ll need the best breast milk storage bags the world has to offer.

I’ll share some secrets for finding the best products for you a little later but first, let’s talk about how to store breast milk safely and efficiently.

Where should I store breast milk?

As I mentioned, breast milk is best stored in the freezer if you want it to keep for longer than 24-48 hours. You want to be sure your freezer has consistent temperatures and closes securely. Any incremental changes in temperature can expose your stored breast milk and cause it to turn.

How should I store breast milk storage bags?

To maximize your storage space, fill bags to the recommended level (usually 6 ounces), seal tightly, label with relevant information such as the date, and lay flat before placing them in the freezer.

I always labeled my stored milk with my last name, the date the milk was expressed, and the anticipated expiration date. I’ve included a helpful chart for calculating storage times:

A quick tip, sorting your breast milk bags in the back of the freezer is best. The front or door of your fridge is the most inconsistent in terms of temperature.

What to look for when purchasing storage bags?

  • First
  • Second
  • Third

The value is an important aspect when choosing your breast milk storage bag solution. If you pump exclusively, you could be storing up to 30 ounces a day which converts to roughly 6-8 bags a day. If you are pumping at work but breastfeeding at home, you may find you only need 2-3 bags a day. 

Either way, you want to find a great solution that also brings value. Order your bags in higher quantities to save a little money. You may not use them all but you can donate the remainder to a friend or a good cause.

So you may have a few questions about using breast milk storage bags. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions that I wanted to answer for you:

So you may have a few questions about using breast milk storage bags. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions that I wanted to answer for you:

​Can I use breast milk bags right out of the box?

​Yes. All the major brands state right on the box that they have been pre-sterilized and are ready for use. You don’t need to boil them or sanitize the bags before your first use. As a general rule, I always check inside to be sure there is no debris from the manufacturer’s plant or anything strange. But that’s just me!

Can I switch between storage bag brands without changing my pump?

​Yes. Again, all the major brands come with standard access points so that you can use them with any pump. If you have trouble connecting your storage bag to the pump, you can always pump directly into a bottle and transfer to the storage bags before you place it in the freezer.

How do I thaw frozen breast milk in the storage bag?

​I usually take out a just enough stored, frozen milk out of the freezer to thaw in my refrigerator 12 hours before I think I’ll need it.


NEVER microwave breast milk to warm it up! It changes the critical nutritive compounds of the breast milk, and it can hold pockets of extreme heat that may scold your baby when drinking.

Also, NEVER keep thawed breast milk for longer than 24 hours.


Choosing, buying, and using the best breast milk storage bags is something you can do! You have my product reviews above, the quick comparison chart, and of course, my buyers guide to help you.

As I noted above, I personally recommend the Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags because of their overall rating, value, size, and durability.The important thing is to read these reviews carefully, and buy smart!


Hi! I’m Serena. The first time that I knew the term “being mommy” was fantastic and unforgettable. It brought me a lot of changes in my body, my habit, my feeling and my whole life. I started Kittymoms in order to share my knowledge and experience to those who are first-time mommies and who have a long time to be back to mom's work, all who need to search advice during the time taking care of their babies.
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    Your review is very useful to me Serena. It is really helpful that you have listed the cons also for each of these bags. I was just suggesting the 3rd one to a friend.

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    I wish I knew things like this when I had my kids, this is brilliant for new mum’s

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    Great information, breast feeding comes with so many stresses, having as many tips as possible can definitely help. I will definitely share with all my breast feeding mama friends!

  3. It has been a long time since I’ve had to consider storing my breast milk; 30 years to be exact. I sure wish these choices had been available then for my liquid gold. I can sadly remember the many accidents and ounces of lost milk due to poor construction. Great post!

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    I’m overwhelmed by the details and information you are providing. Super impressed and great info. The amount of time you took to research all the options is medal worthy. thanks.

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