7 Best Baby Bouncer- Parent’s Guide [2017 Top Picks & Reviews]

best baby bouncer

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Hi! I’m Serena. The first time that I knew the term “being mommy” was fantastic and unforgettable. It brought me a lot of changes in my body, my habit, my feeling and my whole life. I started Kittymoms in order to share my knowledge and experience to those who are first-time mommies and who have a long time to be back to mom's work, all who need to search advice during the time taking care of their babies.
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    This was very interesting read. I would like to read more about how it effects babies with mental disorders, austism, downs syndrome, etc. Especially, how it effects the sensory issues.

    • Vy
    • 05/24/2017

    My baby loved Baby Bjorn bouncer! and this mama loves it too because it’s such a sleek, simple, and modern design. You can fold it flat for storage. I’d highly recommend it!

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    These things were made by angels. I can’t imagine how parents survived before they were invented.

    • Amber
    • 05/24/2017

    This would be super helpful if I was having a baby and looking for one of these! I liked how you had a pros and cons list!

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    Fisher price is such a great brand! Thanks for the list!

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    Great post for new mother or mothers to be.

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    Awesome info! I’m currently expecting our second baby so I’ll have to consider some of these for sure!

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    The details for these bouncers are really great and helpful for expectant mom and perhaps Family home child care business with only a couple of infants.

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