Basal Body Thermometer – Best Buyer’s Guide


Basal body thermometer or BBT is somewhat a viral kit widely used by women all over the world. It helps to detect the exact time of the ovulation which ultimately assists in determining the perfect time for having sex when someone wants to conceive.

Most of the women like it because it is extremely cost effective as well as an easy way to track ovulation. If you are planning to track your ovulation and conceive soon, a Basal Body Thermometer can be worth investment for sure.

However, a few things are there that you need to know before you proceed to buy your own BBT. Let's explore them in the following without delay & if you need more information than you can visit!

​Most of us end up with a dilemma, which BBT thermometer is to buy, traditional or a digital one? If you too are in such situation, personally I would like to suggest you go for a modern one, a digital one with some practically useful features.

Yes, Digital BBT thermometers are somewhat exceptional as they contain some fantastic features that are worth buying. To be specific, some Digital Basal Body Thermometers come with memory recall function that keeps the last record of your BBT.

These thermometers also alert you when you are done with your temperature tracking with a beep which is pretty helpful.

However, the most distinctive feature that I personally love is- some digital BBT has an alarm system that reminds me to measure my BBT and chart the reading every morning when I wake up. On top of that, these thermometers can provide with more accurate reading comparatively faster.

Advantages of Digital BBT Thermometers:

​Digital BBT thermometers can measure up to one-tenth of a degree which makes it different from the other mercury thermometers.

They are easy to handle, easy to measure and read

These thermometers do not need to be shaken up and down while proceeding to measure

Digital BBTs do not break down or shatter as the traditional mercury thermometers.

Considerable Disadvantages of Digital BBT Thermometers:

​They run out of battery quickly.

Sometimes provide with the wrong result if you delay replacing the battery.

They may stop working without any reason, and at any time, especially when you buy a cheaper one.

What About Pricing?

​BBT thermometers are available in different price ranges. The best ones may worth $60 or more. However, the average costing of a BBT thermometer is approximately $20 to $40. If you want to buy a digital one, you will not need to spend more than this I believe.

Anyway, you also can get a good quality thermometer just from $10 to $15. They may not contain eye-catching features, yet they can give you the exact result which is your primary concern.

Glass thermometers can be found in $10 but make sure that they are non-mercury. Specialty thermometers are not that cost effective. You can pick one which can read up to one-tenth of a degree, and that will be enough, I guess.

What Else to Remember?

​Well, it is indeed a smart way to look at the websites and read some reviews before buying a BBT or anything online, even in offline sometimes. Avoid cheap BBT thermometer offered by random companies.

Usually, cheap products do not last long and sometimes fail to provide with the exact reading due to the battery issue. Ensure, the BBT you are planning to buy does contain memory recall functions most of the women claim it to be helpful.

Which One to Buy?

​It is completely up to you to decide which one to buy. No matter, whether you still love your traditional BBT thermometer or go for a digital one, we expect that we did provide you with some vital information that you must know before you buy a BBT thermometer.

Anyway, remember to check out expert’s review if you have the budget and mindset to buy the Best Basal Thermometers before you proceed.

By the time you reach this particular section, we hope you read between the lines and come to know what to consider before you buy a Basal Body Thermometer. We hope the post was helpful and you enjoyed reading!


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