Baltic Amber: Life’s Gift to Tired Mothers and Teething Babies


With any new journey that life throws at you, you have to learn to roll with the punches and make lemonade out of it's lemons. Having a baby and joining the motherhood club is no different. I'm sure you could find New York's Best Selling authors writing about parenting and think that you've got your journey all figured out because some book told you so.

With any new journey that life throws at you, you have to learn to roll with the punches and make lemonade out of it's lemons. Having a baby and joining the motherhood club is no different. I'm sure you could find New York's Best Selling authors writing about parenting and think that you've got your journey all figured out because some book told you so.

Unfortunately though, that book does not run your life, your new baby does, and they're screaming at the top of their lungs for the sixth time this evening. I tried everything. I gave my screeching infant teething tablets, I alternate Tylenol and Motrin like my pediatrician recommended, I got those cute but useless teething toys and even made some frozen treats they could gnaw on.

Nothing Worked

They were all wrong. The books were all wrong. Every mother who lied to my face and told me this, that and the other worked for THEIR baby was wrong. My own mother lied to me and gave me suggestions that did nothing but make my once sweet and cooing baby turn monstrous, looking at me like she's about to leave me a scathing review at the BBB of Motherhood.

What do you give a baby who's had everything but nothing has worked? I took my hunt to the internet. Surely, some mother, somewhere, has had an inconsolable, teething baby who wants nothing but to see the world burn. My search brought me to one mom's desperate cry for help or vodka. She too had lost one too many nights of sleep and was on the brink of insanity. Her baby was also certifiably insane, I mean teething, and to no avail nothing had worked.

One mom had commented a link to Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces. I had never heard of these... I couldn't help myself, I was curious and I was desperate. The link took me to a product dubbed the holy grail by mom's everywhere. Were they holding out on me?! How had I not heard of this?

Tell Me All About It Mom!

I told her to tell me everything about it. She went on some spiel about how people have used it for centuries to relieve people of arthritis, inflammation, colds, and the flu. Over the years, mothers started using it for babies because it’s a natural remedy. It has Succinic Acid, which is found in many foods like barley, whole wheat bread, cheese and milk. The chief responsibility of it is to support the metabolism and immune system functioning. With all the other benefits, amber has really grown in popularity.

My mom then went on to tell me that not all amber necklaces are effective. She said you have to get one that has beads sourced from the Baltic areas of the world like Lithuania. At this point, I was dealing with information overload, so I said, “All I care about is what is this thing called Baltic Amber?”

What is Baltic Amber?

When I looked into Baltic amber teething necklaces, I found out that Europeans and Middle Easterners have been using them for centuries. They used them to boost their immune system, help with arthritis, and treat the common cold. This was in addition to helping babies with their teething.

Baltic Amber is located in forests near the Baltic sea. These forests are known for the conifer trees that grow there, and contain sap with some of the highest traces of succinic acid found in amber today. Succinic acid levels are up to 5% higher in amber found in the Baltic region, coming in at about 8-10%. The resin is pulled from the sap and made into amber and they come in raw and polished forms.

Baltic Amber refers to the amber that's found in the Baltic region. Amber is harvested from several parts of the world but the Baltic region produces amber with the highest potency of succinic acid, coming in at around 8%. This is the compound that provides the soothing and calming effects that make a baltic amber necklace so beneficial. So let me break it down for you, Science Style...

Succinic acid is found in amber and can be used by being melted out of the amber and reabsorbed into the bloodstream. Wearing the amber beads works because your body temperature heats the amber, your sweat acts as a "carrier oil" and carries the component into your bloodstream, and nature's medicine is then absorbed. You're probably wondering if succinic acid is dangerous and the answer is no. Succinic acid is actually found in many foods and plants that we eat everyday.

For instance, the red wine that you sat down with contains this natural mood stabilizer, while in some countries they use it as a food additive. This almost-too-good-to-not-be-magical component is known to boast many healing properties such as Immunity Boosters, can act as an Anti-Inflammatory, and is full of antioxidants.

When purchasing an amber teething necklace for babies, you need to ask yourself what you'll be using it for. Amber has several medicinal purposes in modern day, and it's roots can be traced back centuries to European and Asian cultures. Amber's healing properties include anti-inflammatory agents, mood stabilizers, and are also rich with antioxidants that boost your immunity.

Raw Vs. Polished Amber

If you're like me, you've probably pulled up a few options and noticed there's several different colors available. Your next question is likely "Does each color produce a different effect?". The answer is not quite. The only difference, really, is raw vs polished.

Raw amber is much too harsh for babies, leaving polished the better option. Since the amber is polished, the succinic acid we spoke of earlier has a harder time being absorbed from the stone. You'll need to find a necklace that contains higher contents of succinic acid to feel it's effects if you're choosing a polished necklace.

What are Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces?

Teething necklaces range between light and dark colors, including lemon, honeys, cherry and cognac variants. Your lemons and lighter yellows are more potent, while your cherry and cognac colors are less potent. If you plan on buying unpolished amber, color hardly means much to you. This is because amber is heated by your body, allowing the resin containing the succinic acid to seep out from the porous bead and absorb into your skin.

Polished amber, however, is not as porous and thus making it harder for the medicinal benefits to be absorbed. For this reason, you'll want to get a lighter colored amber. One thing my mother was right about was that if it's not broke then why fix it? Amber has proven to work over not only decades but the last several centuries.

Color options you'll find, and will all work equally as well, are yellow, lemongrass, honey, cognac and black cherry colored.

How I’ve Used It

I will be the first one to admit that I am a paranoid freak when it comes to taking care of my baby. Even though I wore it around my neck as a baby, I was NOT about to put it around my baby’s neck. I searched around for other ways to use it, and discovered that some other paranoid moms put their amber teething necklace around their babies’ wrists.

I tried it, and the necklace looped nicely around her wrist a couple of times. Of course, this led me to figure out some other ways I could use it. I ended up finding that some mothers put it around their baby’s ankle. I tried this, but I had to tie the end of it since it wouldn’t loop around like around the wrist. It worked, but wasn’t ideal.

As I started to think about it more and researched how it works, I discovered that all I had to do was keep the amber beads against her skin. Sometimes, when my daughter had something tight on, like her onesie, I would just slide it into her onesie. The beads were still resting against her skin, so she could get the benefits of the Succinic Acid when her body heated the beads and it seeped into her skin and into her bloodstream.

I did try playing around with the necklace. I had even put it around her forehead to see if that would work, but it didn’t quite rest on her skin, so I knew that wouldn’t be effective.

It got to the point where I just accepted the ways that I came up with, and swapped them out as needed.

Moms, shamans, and doctors all over the world have suggested amber for not just teething but other ailments as well. If something has worked so well for so many people, and is made in nature itself, why wouldn't you trust it? Baltic amber has given me my sleep and sanity back. As for my baby? She's thankful that those pesky teeth aren't bothering her anymore!


Jenn Sanders currently works as a marketing assistant at Baltic Wonder, a company that is dedicated to the health and well-being of infants. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and outdoor adventures

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