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Hi! I’m Serena. The first time that I knew the term “being mommy” was fantastic and unforgettable. It brought me a lot of changes in my body, my habit, my feeling and my whole life. I started Kittymoms in order to share my knowledge and experience to those who are first-time mommies and who have a long time to be back to mom's work, all who need to search advice during the time taking care of their babies.

Why Do I Have Blood in Breast milk?

If there is one thing that will freak any new mother, it is finding blood in their breastmilk. However, even though it seems concerning, it is a very common problem.


How many ounces of breastmilk for a 2 month old?

As a nursing mother, you should be concerned about the amount of breast milk necessary for your 2 month old baby. There are certain short term and long term problems that your baby may develop


4 Easy Signs of Ovulation While Breastfeeding

While some breastfeeding mothers can get their menstrual cycle back relatively soon, many can go without a period for a few months or even pass a year after birth. Exclusively breastfeeding can hold off your menstrual cycle for an extended period. However, breastfeeding is not a reliable source of birth control because ovulation can take […]


Everything You Need to Know About How Long Can a Newborn Go Without Pooping

There may come a time when you realize your newborn hasn’t pooped in a few days. Naturally, you will feel worried and concerned. However, it is possible that your newborn shows no signs of discomfort or unhappiness.


Breastfeeding and Pumping Schedules for All Mothers

A schedule can be a handy tool to help get your baby into a routine and make family life a bit easier with a baby. If you work outside of the home, making a breastfeeding and pumping schedule can be beneficial.


6 Unique Baby Food Recipes for 1 Year Old Baby

Making baby food is fun, and it allows the parents to introduce a larger variety of food than you could purchase in a grocery store. The baby food in the stores is a basic assortment of common fruits, vegetables, and some meals.


How Long to Breastfeed on Each Side: There is No Perfect Time

Learning how to breastfeed your new baby can be quite a daunting task. You are recovering from birth and are overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions. If you have never breastfed before


Why Does One Breast Produce More Milk Than The Other?

Making sure that your baby gets proper nutrition from breastfeeding is one of the many important things to remember. Every mom must ensure that there would be no problem regarding the breastfeeding of their baby.


Have You Ever Wondered – How Many Calories In An Ounce of Breast Milk?

If you have just delivered a baby (or are going to deliver one soon), one of the top things occupying your mind would be breastfeeding. Everyone who meets you, from your mother in law to the neighbor next door


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