10 Things You Need To Figure Out Before Having A Baby

Childbirth is a great and important thing in the life. Therefore, before you have a baby, there are some things that you need to know and find out in advance to prepare the best for your baby as well as for yourself, especially when you have children for the first time. In the article today, we will bring you essential notes and necessary information that you should know before welcoming your little angel.

The husbands and the wife need to have a general health check before they have a baby to eliminate unwanted things for pregnancies. The health check will help you to know your health and make the correct adjustments to conceive successfully. Also, you will also be able to detect your illness and have appropriate and timely treatments before having a baby as the use of drugs is not good for the fetus.

In addition, you should also know the genetic information of the family then consult the expert. This is also important because it can affect your child's ability to contract certain genetic diseases such as blood clots, anemia, lack of red blood cells, or cystic fibrosis.

Pre-pregnancy dental care is also essential. Some oral diseases can increase the risk of pre-eclampsia, premature birth and even miscarriage, such as periodontal disease. This disease causes your gums to become inflamed and infected and produces a kind of bacterium that can enter the placenta through the bloodstream and affect the development of the fetus.

Have a dental check-up before pregnancy to make sure you do not get this disease. Your dental test will also help you to check your dental condition. If during pregnancy, the mother suffers from a toothache, gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth decay or the other oral issues, it can affect the ability to consume food of the mother and then lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Some diseases such as gingivitis, if not treated promptly will cause swollen gums, hypertrophy, fill the crown so that mother cannot chew food. The dental treatment for pregnant women is quite difficult and dangerous. Therefore, having strong tooth before pregnancy is really important.

2. Vaccination

Pregnant women will have lower immune systems. Therefore, the risk of catching diseases will increase. Vaccination is the best way to protect you and your fetus from the dangers. However, you should have a general health check and consult your doctor carefully before the vaccination. Some of the vaccines that are usually given before pregnancy are:

•Rubella: The mother with rubella in the first trimester or late pregnancy may result in miscarriage, premature birth, and birth defects. The mother should get rubella vaccination before pregnancy for at least three months.

•Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B can be transmitted from the mother to the baby. The mother can be vaccinated against hepatitis B before or during pregnancy.

•Chickenpox: The fetus of the women who have chickenpox in the first five months of pregnancy may have a defect or a paralysis. The mother needs to have chickenpox vaccine at least two months before pregnancy.

•Flu: The fetus will have congenital deformities if the mother gets the flu in the first trimester of pregnancy. This disease can be vaccinated at any time.

3. Diet

Both men and women need adequate nutrition before having a baby. Like the mothers, the full complement of nutrients and minerals for the fathers will bring great significance to fetal health. Therefore, right from the time intending to have a baby, the husbands have to change the diet every day to ensure the quality of sperm. They should consume cereals, vegetables, seafood, eggs, and fresh fruits.

The wife needs to pay more efforts to nutrition to get pregnant easily. They need to use more foods rich in folic acid, protein, iron, zinc, calcium and B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D. In addition to food supplements, the mothers should have more folic acid and iron supplements by taking pills daily before 1-3 months before pregnancy.

You should consult your doctor for a suitable dose. Besides, eating meat will help you absorb iron more efficiently. If you choose to eat fish for nutritional supplements, you should choose small fish to ensure safety because large fish such as tuna, mackerel, or swordfish contain mercury that can damage the brain as well as the physical development of the fetus. Non-sterilized fermented products should be limited to the daily diet.

 And the mothers have to eat cooked and boiled food safely to ensure healthy digestive system. Another important thing is that during the golden period of sexual intercourse, the mothers should avoid eating foods that may increase uterine contractions leading to miscarriage such as pineapple, green papaya, logan, and coffee. 

4. Working Mode

The working environment of both the mother and the father will directly affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, if your work requires exposure to harmful chemicals such as paints, petrol, pesticides, heavy industry chemicals, radioactive substances, etc. frequently, you should use protection devices. You should stay away from the harmful sources for a certain period to ensure your health before having a baby. If you do the job under a lot of stress and pressure, you must have a plan to relax and recharge. That will help the sperm quality of the father as well as the conception of the mother.

5. Giving Up Bad Habits

Bad habits can affect the conception ability of the mother. Smoking, drinking alcohol, using stimulants should be given up if you want to have a baby quickly and ensure the health of your fetus. According to many studies, smoking, alcohol, and stimulants such as the coffee can lead to birth defects, low birth weight or even miscarriage. You should not stay up late as this habit is extremely not good for your health.

6. Daily Doing Exercises

Daily doing exercises ensures good health for pregnancy and the baby birth later. Sweating is a great way to reduce stress for women so try to work out regularly every day. That will help improve your health and increase your fullness so that you can "get involved" better.

7. Using Medicine Cautiously

Pregnant women must be very careful when using any kind of drugs during pregnancy. For women who want to have a baby, this is must-to-know knowledge. You need to read the instructions carefully before using the drug. If you are required to take medication, you need to ask your doctor and use medication specifically for pregnant women. Generally, during this critical period, do not use drugs arbitrarily. Take a few minutes to consult with the doctor before using any kind of medicines.

8. Financial Preparation

Besides the preparations for health and psychology, the couples should have a stable income in order not to be affected by the financial burden after having a baby as well as bring your child a good life. When you have a baby, you will need to spend a lot of money from the smallest things like diapers, milk to big problems like school fees or their other illnesses. So you have to think carefully about finance and make sure you can take care of your life after having a baby.

9. Health Care During Pregnancy

Periodic health checks are needed for pregnant women to detect promptly abnormalities and monitor and treat them properly. You should get regular medical check-ups at your doctor's request for the best follow-up. During pregnancy, it is necessary to arrange to work and relax reasonably. Pregnant women should not overwork and must sleep 8 hours a day. Also, you also avoid carrying heavy objects or traveling long distances. Besides maintaining a scientific diet, you also need to take care of the daily costumes. You should not wear high heels and tight cloth. Especially, pregnant women must avoid exposure to tobacco smoke, pesticides, and any other toxic chemicals.

10. Understanding the maternity hospital information

After nine months pregnant, giving birth is the last "obstacle" that the mother must go through to welcome the baby. Therefore, it is important to choose a maternity hospital that is suitable for your financial conditions and ensures the qualification. You can search for the information from relatives, friends, and social networks and then make your best decision. You should choose the hospital that is near your home to travel conveniently and find yourself a reliable address for best birth registration services.

Through the sharing in this article, hopefully, you have some more useful information to prepare for having a baby. Do not be too anxious; pregnancy is an exciting journey. And prepare all things the best to welcome your little angel. All content provided is for informational and educational purposes. We recommend you consult a healthcare professional to determine which method is appropriate to you. 


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